Acolyte Ministry

With a membership of over 65 active youth, the Acolyte Ministry at St. Aidan’s is dynamic! From the time they’re in 3rd grade and carrying their first torch all the way through their senior year of high school when they’re able to wear a Master Acolyte sash, being an acolyte gives our young people a chance and an opportunity to serve God and His church. These dedicated young people serve at over 100 services each year.

One reason for the success of this ministry is that the members feel they’re fulfilling an important role in the life of our parish.  “Of course I’ll acolyte this year. I would never let St. Aidan’s down,” said a member of the guild.  The acolytes are expected to be vested on time and to be fully engaged during the service.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Once an acolyte, always an Episcopalian.”  St. Aidan’s and our acolyte ministry are doing their part to keep our old traditions fresh and alive.  Acolyte Sunday is a big deal in the life of St. Aidan’s, and the Acolyte Master works hard to come up with a creative way to honor guild members.  For the past two years, parents have donned the red acolyte robes and traded places with their children.  Trained by the experts – our current acolytes – it was no surprise that every job, from torch bearer to altar server, was carried off flawlessly.  Parents were able to relive their acolyte years or experience what they had missed.