Community of Hope

The mission of the Community of Hope is to train Christian communities of lay pastoral caregivers united in prayer, shaped by Benedictine spirituality, and equipped for serving in pastoral care ministries.  The first Community of Hope Center in the state of Georgia was started at St. Aidan’s in May of 2011, and there are now 8 more CoHI Centers statewide.  Five years after founding the first CoHI Center, St. Aidan’s hosted the First Annual Georgia CoHI Conference in 2016.

Besides serving as Visiting Eucharistic Ministers, the Community of Hope members also has a Prayer Station during each Sunday service, offering comfort and solace to those in need. Community of Hope helps during funerals at St. Aidan’s, providing pastoral care to the grieving families, welcoming them, attending to their needs, praying with them, and maintaining a Chaplain relationship with them for one year following the death of their loved one.

CoHI is actively raising awareness of the physical and spiritual suffering in our world.  Backpacks of Love started as part of the ministry of CoHI.  Members of this ministry volunteer at area hospitals and assisted living facilities and provide a spiritual presence at local hospices, Boys and Girls Clubs, and a pregnancy resource center.  Where people are in need, CoHI strives to be there to fill the gap, with prayer and the presence of a caring, loving friend.