Diocese of Atlanta


St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church is a part of the Diocese of Atlanta, with the Cathedral of St. Philip as the seat of the Offices of the Bishop. The Diocese is comprised of churches in north and central Georgia and was formed in 1907. Of the 110 dioceses throughout the country, the Diocese of Atlanta is ranked as the ninth largest, comprised of 50,000 members, and 25,000 households. The Right Reverend Robert Wright serves as Bishop of Atlanta, and was ordained and consecrated in 2012.


The Rev. Dr. Col. Patricia Lee Miller – Interim Rector
Deacon Lesley-Ann Drake
The Rev. Canon John Bolton – Priest Associate

Jennifer Picquet, Director of Children’s Ministries
Cecilia Trueba, Director Pre-school
Lauren FitzHugh, Director of Youth Ministries
Charles Higgs III, Director of Music

Carol Sweet, Parish Secretary


Vestry terms conclude at the end of the year listed.
Bob Stecher (2017), Senior Warden  – Susan Reilly (2017), Junior Warden

Sarah Sambol (2017) Steve Winch (2017)
Beth Burns (2018) Tom Reynolds (2018)
Melanie Ellis (2018)               Cara Becker (2018)
Lorri Brandvold (2019) Megan Evans (2019)
Patrick Keegan (2019) John Thielens (2019)
Susan Smith, Clerk         Linda Puckett, Treasurer 



St. Aidan’s Parish was founded in 1993.  Over the past twenty-three years we quickly grew from a mission church to an established parish.  Here is brief timeline of our more significant events…

In the Beginning

  • 1993: Rt. Rev. Frank Allen announced at St. David’s in Roswell that the Diocese would open a mission church in the Alpharetta area.  The Rev. Noel Burtenshaw was founding rector.
  • February 1994: The new mission of St. David’s held its first organizational meeting.
  • March 1994: The mission held its first steering committee meeting and adopted the mission statement, “To Know Jesus Christ and Make Him Known.
  • April 3, 1994: The new mission celebrated its first Eucharist at sunrise on Easter Sunday at Windward Sports Park. 75 people participated.

St. Aidan's Parish

  • June 1994: St. Aidan’s held its first regular Sunday service in AT&T building 400 off Windward Parkway.
  • November 1994: The Diocesan Council recognized St. Aidan’s as a full parish.
  • March 1995: St. Aidan’s purchased its current 18.8-acre campus in Milton, Georgia.
  • Palm Sunday 1997: The new St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church held its first Holy Eucharist.

Our First Transition

  • June 2003: The Rev. Noel Burtenshaw retired as rector.
  • September 2004: The Parish Life building was completed.
  • October 2004: The Rev. Rob Wood became the second Rector of St. Aidan’s.
  • Pentecost 2005: The parish celebrated the ministry of our first rector, Noel Burtenshaw, by naming the new Parish Life building Burtenshaw Hall.
  • Summer 2007: The first classes were held at St. Aidan’s Preschool.


  • Spring 2014: St. Aidan’s celebrated our 20th anniversary.
  • February 2016: Rev. Rob Wood answered a call to the Church of the Good Shepherd, Cashiers, North Carolina.
  • July 2016: The search began for the next Rector of St. Aidan’s

By the numbers…

The following information has been collected to provide a snapshot of St. Aidan’s members, attendance, services, and budgets.



Over the past three years, the number of active baptized members has remained steady while average Sunday attendance has dropped slightly and Easter attendance has varied year to year.


The number of baptisms has varied by year, confirmations, receptions and reaffirmations has been steady while weddings have increased and burials have been steady.


Over the past four years, the number of pledges has been steady since a twenty percent drop between 2012 and 2013.  More importantly, pledge amounts and total income have risen slightly over this time. 


This is breakdown of our 2016 budget.


St. Aidan’s has increased its Diocesan pledge each year over the past ten years.  We are currently tithing 10% of our annual income to the Diocese.