The historian John Lewis Gaddis once defined Grand Strategy as the art of applying small things to great ends. At St. Aidan’s, we hope to identify a rector who will work with us to focus in a more deliberate way the many things the people of our parish do to the great end of knowing Jesus Christ and Making Him Known.

Over the course of the transition thus far, we have examined our history and our current life while prayerfully looking to the future, and we have identified the qualities we hope to have in our next rector, while recognizing that each candidate will bring unique interests and abilities to the table.

To allow St. Aidan’s to grow, and to maintain the sense of purpose and well-being that initially drew us all to become members of this parish family, we seek a rector who will be energized by the challenge of attracting new members–and fully engaging those who are already in fellowship with us–through providing a meaningful worship experience defined by attention to preaching and partnering with our music director to deepen our music ministry. Ideally, this individual will lead the parish by recruiting and developing a team of leaders to create and run excellent programs. It is important that our next rector be in dialogue with parishioners as changes are made.  This entails listening to their opinions and respecting their feelings.

Also important to us is a rector who will be:

  • Appreciative of a variety of theological perspectives but intellectually resonant with a moderate perspective.
  • Knowledgeable regarding the characteristics of program-sized churches, while recognizing that we, in many ways, still function as a pastoral-sized church.
  • Interested in creating a family life ministry effective in attracting families with small children and youth. Central to this is the expansion of our Christian education and formation programs for all ages.
  • Willing to consider strategies and tactics for a church culture characterized by exploration, openness and intellectual engagement.
  • Comfortable working in a regionally rather than a community focused church, as our members are drawn from across the northern Atlanta metro area.
  • Able to work with lay staff and volunteers.