St. Aidan’s Mission

In 1994, the organizing committee of what was then a mission church adopted the mission statement, “To Know Jesus Christ and Make Him Known.”  This continues to be our calling.

Fulfilling Our Mission                      

We at St. Aidan’s seek to answer Jesus’ call to know Him through faithful worship, regular fellowship, and spiritual growth.  We are committed to making Him known by accepting the scriptural injunction to “go forth to make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Through the grace of God our Creator, the love of Christ, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we are called to serve Christ through an active and inclusive ministry, welcoming all to worship in our community of faith.

The community of St. Aidan’s is eager to continue attracting new members, especially families with young children, and fully engaging those who already belong by offering a variety of ministries which are appealing to all age groups from our youth to our most senior members.  We have examined our history and our current life while prayerfully looking to the future, and we have identified the following opportunities:


  • Continue our welcoming tradition and increase participation of our children, youth and those parishioners looking for opportunities to join in worship, ministries, and stewardship activities.
  • Utilize our buildings and grounds to create experiences that resonate inside and outside the St. Aidan’s community.
  • Further enrich our worship experience through dynamic preaching, a meaningful liturgy, and an inspiring music program for adults and children.
  • Strengthen and invigorate our Christian formation programs for children, youth, and adults. 
  • Develop and support a process by which members are called and equipped for ministry and leadership.

We want St. Aidan’s to be known as a parish with a vibrant community life, where people wish to be with their families and friends, and where they freely contribute of themselves, their time, and their talents.